Motorcycle Skills Test Preparation in V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training - Salmon Arm

The Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) is an evaluation of your basic Steering/Balance and Speed Control Global Skills.  V-Twin can only provide the MST for riders who take the NRC or ACRT with V-Twin.  However, if you are learning on your own, we can help you be well prepared for the MST at ICBC.  Or, check out the long description for some tips on how to prepare on your own.

How to Pass the Motorcycle Skills Test

The MST is the same whether delivered by an ICBC Examiner or a V-Twin Assessment Officer (AO).  It is a test of two key Global Skills: Steering and Balance, and Speed Control.  Fundamentally, you need to be able to do five things to pass the MST:

  • control the MC at low speed with the clutch in the friction zone
  • balance the MC at low and higher speeds using the handlebar, and with both feet on the footpegs
  • understand and follow the AO's instructions to stay within a designated path
  • accelerate with authority to 30 km/h
  • stop quickly using both brakes, without locking either wheel.

If you have been learning on your own, and have reserved an MST at ICBC, we can provide MST Preparation to ensure your best chance of success.

Motorcycle skills test Preparation (not available at Abbotsford or Chilliwack locations)

  • 1.5 hour lesson, on our bike
  • ensure your skills are properly developed
  • set up and deliver a practice test
  • deliver bike to ICBC location

Preparing on your own:

  • low speed skills are practiced at speeds from 0 to 8 km/h.
  • hold the engine at a fast idle (1.5 times idle speed) with light throttle application
  • hold the clutch in the friction zone, slightly in to go slower, slightly out to go faster, pull the clutch in to stop
  • very light application of the rear brake, to keep the chain tight and maintain desired speed
  • scan and visualize the path you want the front wheel to follow.
  • you must complete a straight line ride at a walking pace, a U-turn within a box 1.5 m wider than the shortest turning diameter of your motorcycle, a slalom with cones spaced 2.75 to 4.25 m apart, depending on your motorcycle, and a 90 degree turn to the left and right.
  • in the higher speed circuit, you must be able to:
  • turn right, and accelerate with authority to 25-30 km/h within about 27 m,
  • adjust your speed, and complete a U-turn to the right at speed with maximum radius of 10 m
  • resume 25-30 km/h, and then stop on a signal from the AO in first gear, using both brakes, and without skidding either wheel.



  • Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) is available through ICBC, or
  • May be delivered by certified schools such as V-Twin to registered students
  • MST Preparation for ICBC skills test available at some V-Twin locations
  • Test of Steering/Balance and Speed Control only
  • MST included with V-Twin New Rider Course and ACRT

Why V-Twin

“At V-Twin, it’s not just about riding, it’s about riding well.”

Our approach is simple; we help people develop skills to become good riders, and habits to become safe riders.

Experienced Instructors

V-Twin Instructors are the most experienced in BC.

V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School is the premier rider training school in the BC

We have provided quality rider training to new and experienced riders in the Thompson/Okanagan, Fraser Valley, and now Sunshine Coast, for more than 20 years.

The Approach

We offer a three phase training package that breaks down into classroom instruction, parking lot training and when you are ready, road riding.

Small class sizes makes for an efficient program – more riding, less waiting in line means up to 30% more riding time than at other schools.

Pace of Training

The pace of training is adjusted to suit the needs of the students.

We give you the time and coaching you need to learn the skills, and practice them under the watchful eyes of our well experienced and ICBC licensed instructors.