Road Test Preparation in V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training - Salmon Arm

The average success rate on the Class 6/8 (motorcycle) Road Test is around 60%.  For V-Twin students, the success rate of first attempts at the Road Test is 96%.  If you have learned on your own, or from another school, we can improve your opportunity for success with Road Test Preparation.  It isn't about knowing the Road Test route, or what the examiner wants, it's about improving your skills, and knowing what constitutes good riding behavior - safe, legal, confident.

How to Pass the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

Preparing for the Road Test:

The Class 6 (motorcycle) Road Test consists of a 40-45 minute escorted ride in traffic.  The examiner follows in a marked automobile, and communicates with the rider using a radio, with the rider wearing an external speaker.  The best preparation, therefore, is seat time: solo riding, or riding at the front of a group, in traffic.

Things to do that will enhance your opportunity for success:

  • Develop traffic skills in downtown or commercial areas with lots of traffic control devices, pedestrians, roadside parking, lane changes, speed zone changes.
  • Observation is a key Global Skill - check your blind spot before turning, changing lanes, or changing lane position.  Multiple shoulder checks, or checking blind spot after stopping, or both sides when moving off, is not required.  View your blind spot only in the direction you are moving.
  • Lose the bad driving habits!  Stop before, not on, the white line at intersections.
  • Obey posted speed limits, including school and playground zones.  Note well: riding slower than posted limit, and obstructing traffic, is also detrimental.  A school sign without a posted speed limit is not a speed zone; the area limit applies.
  • Anticipate and stop for yellow lights, if you can safely do so.
  • Yes, it is legal to make a right turn at a red light.  BUT YOU HAVE TO STOP FIRST!

V-Twin road test preparation (RTP); if you would like help with the above, RTP includes:

  • A two hour ride in traffic, with an experienced instructor providing objective feedback on your riding skills and habits.
  • On your motorcycle, and focusing on traffic situations that might come up in the Road Test.
  • Note: we don't know the Road Test routes, and would not be permitted to show you them if we did.  We prepare you to be a good rider, and good riders pass the road test, full stop.



  • Road Test Preparation is included in V-Twin New Rider Course
  • RTP is available at select locations to riders who have learned to ride on their own
  • Also recommended for riders who took training at schools that don't offer sufficient In traffic training, or Road Test Preparation
  • How to pass the Motorcycle Road Test.

Why V-Twin

“At V-Twin, it’s not just about riding, it’s about riding well.”

Our approach is simple; we help people develop skills to become good riders, and habits to become safe riders.

Experienced Instructors

V-Twin Instructors are the most experienced in BC.

V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School is the premier rider training school in the BC

We have provided quality rider training to new and experienced riders in the Thompson/Okanagan, Fraser Valley, and now Sunshine Coast, for more than 20 years.

The Approach

We offer a three phase training package that breaks down into classroom instruction, parking lot training and when you are ready, road riding.

Small class sizes makes for an efficient program – more riding, less waiting in line means up to 30% more riding time than at other schools.

Pace of Training

The pace of training is adjusted to suit the needs of the students.

We give you the time and coaching you need to learn the skills, and practice them under the watchful eyes of our well experienced and ICBC licensed instructors.